Our Work on Education

Developing teacher skills and knowledge of early grade literacy and an integrated learning program

We provide training to teachers on teaching technique. This is based on the Teacher Training Curriculum and Trainers Guide of Integrated Curriculum of Grade 1 to 3. The training includes conceptual clarity of literacy, early grade reading, integrated learning approach, application process of integrated teaching and learning, assessment and evaluation process, parent-teacher engagement, and the role of Grade Teacher.

Training the Head Teachers

The Head Teachers are the change makers for the betterment of their schools. They develop and maintain effective educational programs and promote the improvement of teaching and learning. They strive to create an institution that fosters student and teacher growth. For this to happen they require specific skills and knowledge. So we train the Head Teacher with focus on areas such as institutional leadership and management, effective teaching, school-based assessment, monitoring and evaluation, conflict management and child protection.

The training to School Management Committee and Parents Teacher Association

Is focused on equipping them with skills to perform their roles and responsibilities effectively. We increase the knowledge and understanding of SMC in the key areas where they can provide support: to improve school management; enhance the participation of parents in the management of community schools; improve access, retention and school attendance; build trust in the community; utilize participatory planning as well as mobile resources; monitor school finances; and to promote basic understanding of child protection.

Build safe classrooms

A safe classroom learning environment is one where learners feel physically, emotionally, and socially comfortable. They know that their needs are taken care of and that they are protected by caring and thoughtful teachers and members of their community. Children learn best when they feel safe.

Improving water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools

Basic sanitation is necessary for children’s health, safety and development. We work to improve access to sanitation facilities, including clean water and toilets, and hygienic practices like hand-washing with soap to protect children from getting sick. Having good access to WASH in schools can enhance the well-being of children and their families. It contributes towards healthy and secure school environments and protects children from illness, abuse and exclusion.

Build Hostel for Student and Teachers

Many students and teachers in remote areas still walks two to three hours every day to get to the school. During monsoon and winter it is even hard for these students and teacher to travel long distance. Action for Nepal is building hostel for students and teachers coming for long distance so they don't have to walk hours every day rather and can save their time so they can attend classes easily and utilize their time in a better way like studying in a library or playing sports. Also, hostel serve as fit platforms for bringing together children from different backgrounds and giving them an opportunity to interact with each other, and learn about cultures other than their own.

Pema says her class children have improved reading and writing skills through Literacy Improvement Program. Read her story

"LIPS program helped me understand the different abilities of children, to plan and to organize reading activities that allow children to succeed at their independent reading level."


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