Why Health?

A healthy mother and healthy baby is a healthy community
for a prosperous community.


One out of every 167 women has a lifetime risk of dying due to pregnancy. 36% of adolescent girls are getting pregnant by the age of 19. Adolescent pregnancy is associated with a 50% increase in the risk of still birth and neonatal death. Only 5% of birthing centers satisfy the requirement of the Safe Motherhood Programme. Out of 46% health posts listed as Birthing centers almost 50% of Birthing centers conduct less than 30 deliveries a year.

We work in Maternal and child health. Current health situation of the country highlights the need to strengthen access to services and improving utilization of available services. A life-cycle approach with a focus on reducing early marriage, on adolescent reproductive health and on continuum of care during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labor, delivery and PNC for both mother and newborn is important for the people residing in the remote rural communities of the country.

How do we tackle the Health issues? 

We are committed to work for inclusive and quality health care services in relation to maternal and newborn health. We work in close coordination with the local government, local health facility, Health Facility Operation and Management Committee and Female community health volunteers to identify the issues in the community. Together we identify the issue and work towards sustainable solution.

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Access to new health center in the village changed the lives of many villagers, Sanjita BK is one of them.
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"Availability of birthing service in my village helped me deliver my fourth baby under good care of the nurses. I still remember the suffering of my first delivery at home."


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