Stories From The Fields

Pema Lhamu’s Story

New house gave me better hope and future.


Pema Lhamu 65, is a single mother of six children. She has got four son and two daughter. Three son and one daughter have married and they live near by her place in Solaban. With her, she has got her younger son and daughter.

“To live a single life as a women is the hardest thing I have faced in my life. When my husband passed away, I had six small children. When I look back, I don’t know how I have raised my children. Poverty never left us. I and my children’s life have gone though many struggles and we still do”- says Pema Lhamu.

Pema build a small house in Solaban. To build the house, she had taken some loan from her friends and her son had work hard to collect some money working as a porter in the mountain. She was very happy to have her new house, she had dreamed to invite all her friends on the day she was moving to her new house. This was the first house she had build for herself. But sadly, like she said it was her unfortunate that just the day before moving to her new house, the house got completely destroyed by the earthquake. She could not believed the house falling down just before her eyes. It was the first house she had ever build that by taking loans and the hard work by her son. There was nothing she could do except to cry and think this was her karma.


Pema adds by saying, “we are poor people and every time we are the ones to suffer. I had no idea what my upcoming days would be like. I used to feel I was born just to suffer.

She adds, one day, I was invited for a meeting by Dorjee Sherpa, and the villagers and I came to know about BEF and Action for Nepal wanting to help Solaban people with relief house project. Hearing this news gave me and many people of Solaban new hope for life and I felt that there are people who take the role of a god to support people like us. David the founder of BEF has done so much for the people of Solaban, I take him as a living god for we Solaban people. I want to thank him for all the support he has done for us. I would also very much like to thank Dorjee, the village coordinator and Action for Nepal for making this project possible”.

Pema with her younger son and daughter are happily living in a new house today.


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