Dr. Jangmoo Sherpa

Dr. Jangmoo Sherpa

Program Director

Dr. Jangmoo Sherpa is a Medical Doctor and a Public Health Expert. She was working as a Chief Medical Doctor when she decided to take a detour in her career and went for her Masters in International Public Health in the University of Sydney. She has been working in the development field for over ten years now. She is passionate about working in the remote communities of Nepal. In her role as a Program Director in Action For Nepal, she plans, designs, implements and monitors projects. Identifying the need in the community she works closely with the local stakeholders and the funding partners to ensure that the project is catering the needs of the community and is able to bring a positive change in the lives of the community people in the long run.

Beside work, she likes to travel, read books and to be with her family.


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